My Choice, My Career

Topics: Mathematics, High school, Small business Pages: 1 (436 words) Published: February 23, 2013
Many teenagers spend a lot of time thinking of what they want to do when they graduate from high school. I am fortunate in that I already knew; I decided to become an Accountant. I had always liked most maths and hated sciences with a passion.  So my career choice had to based more on the math end of things. After High School I attended WITC – Wisconsin Indianhead technical Collage, I graduated with an Associate’s degree in accounting in under a year and then continued towards my bachelor’s degree at River Falls, WI. I took my education seriously and was extremely disciplined in completing early. I take pride in working hard, and my good grades proved that I put in a lot of effort. I did not always like math, but I was always mighty good in maths, and it was like a second nature to me to be able to calculate math problems in my head or even be able to skip a few steps in the complex math problems and still come up with the right answer. I took my first accounting class in 10th grade, and I genuinely enjoyed what I learned in that class.  At that time, I first realized that I wanted to take up accounting and make that my career. I had always enjoyed being able to help people, and have a specialty in teaching people new things.  I have always felt that with my career I would be able to teach people what I know and use my knowledge to help them make their business decisions better. I'm hoping that one day real soon, my career will include guiding others as well as just crunching the numbers. This is why I chose to return to school and peruse a career in Administrative, with Human Resource certificates. I left the cooperate world and have been working independently, as an accountant and would like to return to the small business scene to utilize my talents, and share my new and old skills and knowledge. I feel that with both degrees, I will become an asset, for most small companies. I will have the skills to run and manage an office ranging from the administrative...
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