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Topics: Kansas State University, Light, Manhattan, Kansas Pages: 2 (519 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Both Childline International and Kansas State Collegian are based upon the subject of Social Networking. Although they have that in common, they are both worlds apart from being the same, as their purposes are completely different. The format (type of text) for Childline is an online website, which is run by volunteers from all over the country (GB). The target audience for Childline is young children and the parents’ of those vulnerable young children. The age range for the Children is around 5-14. The website’s writer is trying to inform parents of the dangers their children are open to when surfing the internet. He/she is trying to help our future generation to stay safe online, especially if they have a social networking account. The writer is also trying to advise the children on how to avoid getting in sticky and worrying situations (Trouble). However, looking at the Kansas State Collegian, a new light is shed. The format (type of text) for the Collegian is an online article. The fact that this is an online article tells readers that the target audience is older people, in comparison to Childline. The age expectancy would be 18 years old and over. I think that the purpose of publishing this is to promote the use of social networking. The writer cleverly chose to target such an audience (18+) because he/she knows that the majority of them will have social networking accounts and profiles. The wallpaper choice for Childline and the banner choice for the Collegian vary in practically every way. The background wallpaper for Childline is one of a large, gloomy and threateningly dark forest. The image, from top to bottom, morphs from dark to light. Darkness connotes sadness, trouble, badness or evilness. Light could mean goodness or happiness, they will save you, that they are your first steps to safety. It’s like a stairway to heaven. Also, there is only one light source from all around. These could possibly suggest that whenever you are in trouble or sad...
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