Muslim Subcultures

Topics: Islam, Regions of Ghana, Muhammad Pages: 2 (576 words) Published: November 18, 2012
There are many religious subcultures in every country. For an example, Malaysia has the main three races that are Malay, Chinese and Indian. Out of these three races, there are many religious and belief that are totally different from their own races. Religious that exist in Malaysia are Muslim, Buddha, Christian, Hindu, Taoism and others. The subcultures that have to looking in deep are the geographic region, nationality, age, gender, occupation and social class. Muslim people in Malaysia have their own perception based on their religions. Unlike other people, Muslim people in Malaysia are very strict when they making consumption and buying. This is because they have to look deep into the account whether the product had been approved by JAKIM to ensure it is “halal” for the consumption. Marketer has to get approved from JAKIM if they want to penetrate the Muslim market in Malaysia. This would need a lot of effort because it will go through a lot of procedures and steps. Muslim girls and guys have their own ways for the appearance such as dressing code. They usually not prefer the clothing that would too expose the body. Apart from it, Muslim girls also would prefer to choose the cosmetic product that manufactured by the local company as the local company more on understanding the behaviour and the culture of them. The Gen Y of Muslim people more prefer on the brand loyal and them willing to spend more for their need and wants. For an example, gadget such as electronic device(i-pad and Samsung smartphone) The Gen X of Muslim people more prefer on spending on the furbishing and renovation on their house. They also spend more on the education and entertainment. The baby boomer of Muslim people spends more on the investment and travel. Normally we called it as “zakat” money for the Muslim people to go to the Mekah for their “Haji”.It would spend a lot of money to travel to Mekah and normally the tourism in Malaysia would offer the package trip for the Muslim people...
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