Islamic Fundamentalism

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Before I get into this too deep I would first like to state that the term "fundamentalist" and "fundamentalism" are not widely accepted by members of al qaeda and extremists. Instead they usually prefer the term "Islamism" and or "islamist"( Islamism refers to a set of political ideologies derived from various religious views of Muslim fundamentalists, which hold that Islam is not only a religion, but also a political system that should govern the legal, economic and social imperatives of the state). Although "fundamentalism" is now used to describe the ultra-conservative expression of numerous faiths, namely Islam.

It should be noted that Islamic fundamentalism is highly religious in nature, and a religion based on the salvation of all men. Islamic fundamentalism is for the most part a modern phenomenon, it is impossible to grasp without first understanding at least the roots of Islam . Fundamentalist Islam is based primarily on two pillars, the first being that Islamic law(shuria or Sharia, also known as the Law of Allah) is the only valid system for regulating the law and culture as a whole. This includes all aspects of politics and social life. And the second being that this is only attainable through an Islamic state.

Islam is founded upon the writings of Prophet Muhammad(Quran) which start around the year 610 C. E. when he received his first revelation from god. Muhammad recorded god's direct conversations in the book that we have come to call the Quran. The Quran is and will always be the text that defines culture and law for the Islamic nation. Over the years the hadith(or path) has been outlined via Muhammad's direct conversations with god. The hadith outlines the structure and obligations true Muslims should follow in there daily lives. Through the Quran and Muslim scholars within the Muslim community the sharia(Islamic sacred law) came forth.

"Muhammad's popularity flowered after he developed a small following in his hometown of Mecca, but his new religious views eventually put him at odds with city leaders. Forcing him to flee, Muhammad and his followers settled in the nearby city of Medina in 622. He soon rose to political and military prominence, negotiating a treaty with Mecca in 628, then breaking the treaty and capturing Mecca in 630. For the next two years, Muhammad expanded his power throughout the region of Arabia." - #1

In 632 C.E. Muhammad died and left his followers to determine there own path.
It is important to understand that the Quran which was written by Muhammad was written via direct conversation with god. Islamists believe that a true follower of Allah and devout Muslim, believe in every word of the Quran. It is in its interpretation that we find our conflicts among Muslims today.

AL – Qaeda's roots

""the foundation" or "the base") is the name given to an international Islamic fundamentalist campaign comprised of independent and collaborative cells that all profess the same cause of reducing outside influence upon Islamic affairs. Though al-Qaeda is philosophically heterogeneous, prominent members of the movement are considered to have Salafi(pure Islam) beliefs." -#2

The origins of al-Qaeda can be traced to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, when a cadre of non-Afghani, Arab Muslim fighters joined the largely United States and Pakistan-funded Afghan mujāhidīn anti-Russian resistance movement.

It was On July 3, 1979 President jimmy carter signed the first directive providing aid to the opponents of the pro-soviet regime(Taliban al qaeda) in Afghanistan. headed up and called by the CIA This money funded activates that were intended to lead to the eventual soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Drawing them into what would eventually be known as Russia Vietnam. This brought untold amounts of suffering and misery to the people of Afghanistan. It was From this that support for a group known as the Taliban and their allies al qaeda formed....
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