Musician's Friend

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Mission Statement
The mission statement for Musician’s Friend has always been "The Best for Less Shipped to Your Door." This is still their company slogan but their mission includes a lot of customer service emphasis as well. The company believes that the key to their success started with their mission statement, commitment to customers, dedicated employees that share the vision, forming partnerships and the growth of the business. Overview

Musician’s Friend is an authorized dealer of thousands of products from more than 900 different manufacturers such as Fender, Gibson, Roland, and Pearl. They are the industry leader in musical equipment, information and customer service. They are open twenty-four (24) hours per day, seven (7) days per week, and have been providing the best products for less money to millions of musicians for more than 20 years. Musician's Friend offers over 36,000 products in its mail order catalogs and on its website. Some of the products include guitars, basses, keyboards, percussion, and amps, as well as recording, mixing, lighting, and Disc Jockey equipment. Hundreds of new products add to the company’s monthly supply chain as the company continues to expand its range of product inventory. In addition to their expansive inventory supply, Musician's Friend offers a money-back satisfaction and a price guaranty on every purchase. Musician’s Friend prides itself on having a top-notch staff of customer service people who are not only knowledgeable, but they also live and breathe the products in which they sell. History

Musician’s Friend started out as a mail order catalog company in 1983 by Robert and Deanna Eastman, mostly carrying reusable items such as guitar strings, guitar picks, polish and polish cloths among other things. In addition, the catalog advertised some basic accessories like instrument tuners, string winders, guitar stands, music sheet stands and tuning forks. The catalog company started in the Eastman’s home in southern California with a couple of desks in their living room for the call center and order entry, which they later moved to their garage and converted it into mini warehouse of products. The company began expanding both in size and with more products and eventually relocated their business to a dairy barn in southern Oregon. The company kept on expanding which prompted them to open up another distribution center in Knoxville, Tennessee, which allowed the company to reach their clientele in as little as three days. The company outgrew their Tennessee warehouse and decided to consolidate both the Oregon and Tennessee warehouses into one large distribution center located in Kansas City, Missouri. Later, the company expanded their business to the Internet and opened up a website in 1998. In the year 2000, the company also opened a showroom at their warehouse in Kansas City, Missouri to display most of the products they sell. Musician’s Friend was the first music business to offer a money-back guarantee, same day shipping, guaranteed 2-day delivery service, a twenty-four (24), seven (7) day per week call center, and an easy payment plan to their customers. Technology

With new hardware and software emerging every day and the continuous cost accumulation, Musician’s Friend with the help of Blue Pumpkin Activity Manager, worked out a whole new approach to establishing a strategic technology plan for analyzing, choosing and implementing new technology within their company. One of the advantages of expanding their business to the Internet is that Musician’s Friend now has a worldwide broadcasting capability. This gave the company a mechanism for information dissemination, a medium for collaboration and better interaction with their customers, business partners and their computers without regard for geographic location. Musician’s Friend could identify the needs of their company and set objectives that would build a strong foundation for...
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