Lover of Music

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What it means to be a lover of music
What does it mean to be a lover of music? Being a lover of music means to be a lover of art. Growing up no one around me was into music much, so I never had much of an interest in music. My parents brought me up in a religious household. They had a tight reign on what music I could listen too. I started listening to the radio stations I wasn’t allowed to listen too as a kid. It was then when I discovered my love for music. The connection I got from listening to music instantly drew me towards it. I started discovering my favorite bands. One band that is still my favorite today is Blink 182 . Music to me is a feeling, an expression of how I felt and what music I played expressed it.

According to Merriam Webster’s Dictionary, Music is “vocal, instrumental, or

mechanical sounds having rhythm, melody, or harmony.” Music can be made in many different ways. There are many genres of music. Some genres may sound wonderful to some and atrocious to others. There was a time when I hated any music that I considered to be old. I thought 80s music was cheesy and old fashioned but to be honest I had never really given it a chance, I hadn’t heard much 80s music. I had a friend who loved that type of music. He always talked about how awesome it was. I never believed him, but after much persuading I decided to listen to some of the bands he had suggested that I

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listen too. I listened to what he suggested and as it turned out I liked some of the songs. As I continued listening to different genres of music from the 80’s, I grew to love this type of music. It’s one of my favorite types of music today. Different sounds music make can give you new experiences that you may love or hate but you will never know till you give it a chance. To truly be a lover of music you must be willing to listen to different genres of music.

In a growing appreciation of music I developed a love for music. According to Merriam...
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