Music Therapy

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Shauna Albert
Dr. Joseph Jones
English 1020
7 February, 2013
Music Therapy: Annotated Bibliography

Blackwell, Wiley. "Music Reduces Anxiety in Cancer Patients." Science Daily, 10 Aug. 2011. Web. 20 Feb,2013.
The researchers of the Department of Creative Art at Drexel University in Philadelphia, analyzed data from 1,891 patients taking part in 30 trails who were offered music or music therapy sessions. Researchers are trying to figure out if patients listening to pre-recorded music or patients working with music therapists will have a positive effect on mood, pain, and quality of life for the patients. They find that music reduces anxiety compared to standard treatments. Also the results implied that music increases patients’ quality of life. According to the research that was analyzed, both listening to pre-recording music and patients working with music therapists both have a positive outcome. It is said by the analyzing the research that music may be useful as an additional treatment to people with cancer. This study backs up and supports the topic of how music therapy reduces stress. L.M.Bohon and Hedon, C. "Hospitalized Children's Mood Differences During Play AndMusic Therapy”. Child: Care, Health & Development 34.2 (2008): 141-144.

Academic Search Index. Web. 21 Feb, 2013.
In this observational study , researchers are trying to conclude if by hospitals increasing the time music therapy for child patients’ it will, be a way to enhance positive effects ,increase mental well- being in children, and physical well-being in hospital children rather than play therapy. .Many children have told that they get stressed during doctors’ exams, being separated from their loved ones, and pain. Researchers have shown that smiling is another way to imply positive moods. 60 children were observed in either music or play and were watched to see witch group smiled more. The researcher’s hypothesis that more children smile in music rather than play were right. More children entered the music room than the play room. This study illustrates that music has a more positive effect on a patient than play. This article was useful in the fact that it shows how that even though there are a lot of other therapies out there, music seems to be the one that children would prefer. Both studies argue that music is a more reliant way to reduce stress; however, one offered music or music therapy and the other offered play or music. Burns, Debra S, Renata B. Sledge, and Leigh Ann Fuller. "Cancer Patients' Interest And

Preferences for Music Therapy." Journal of Music Therapy 42.3 (2005): 185-199
OmniFile Full Text Mega (H.W. Wilson). Web. 21 Feb. 2013.
The author’s discuss the reason why the absence of mixing music therapy into health care is because may be the patients are not comfortable with intervention. For that reason a study was made to examine cancer patients’ interest in and preferences for using music-making and music listening. Personal factors like anxiety, age, and coping play a big part to indicate if the patients wanted to listen to music or making music. 44% of chemotherapy patients were interested in listening to music and 17% were interested in making music. The study had shown how younger patients preferred listening to music than making music. The result to that age might be related with the general population. The author’s explain how younger people might listen to music more because thy use music in their everyday lives, though it has not been tested. They find that a high percentage of patients were interested in listening to music especially when they can pick it out. This is beneficial because the patients are helping themselves reduce stress. Collingwood, Jane. “The Power of Music to Reduce Stress.” Psych Central, n.d. Web.

20 Feb, 2013.
The author explains how music has a tremendous effect on the mind and body. She goes on to explain how music benefits slowing down heart rate, lowering blood...
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