Critique: Sample Size and Personal Message

Topics: Sample size, Chemotherapy, Oncology Pages: 8 (2235 words) Published: October 23, 2011
Research Critique 1
Research Critique of "The Influence of Personal Message with Music on Anxiety and Side Effects Associated with Chemotherapy" Jennifer Robey BSN
Duke University
N 307 Spring 2005 Research Critique 2
Research Critique of "The Influence of Personal Message with Music on Anxiety and Side Effects Associated with Chemotherapy" Introduction
The introduction of this article does give you a sense of
the importance of the problem area. The area being talked about in this article is how fear and anxiety can negatively impact a patient receiving chemotherapy. The authors then go on to say that relaxation techniques can be used to decrease a patient’s anxiety level, however the techniques being used in current practice are costly and take a lot of nursing care time. The introduction ends with the problem statement. While the authors do a good job of saying why the problem is important, it would have been helpful for them to list numbers of people who are affected by cancer and who are undergoing chemotherapy. The authors also do not state whether the problem is true for

anybody with cancer who is getting chemotherapy or if it is only true for particular subsets of patients.
Statement of the Problem
The purpose of this study “was to evaluate the benefits of an intervention that did not require excessive time commitments from staff or patient or administration by a trained expert and was not accompanied by a significant increase in cost.” (Sabo & Michael, 1996) While the authors do list a purpose for the study they do not have a well-defined problem statement. They do say that a message from the physician would be beneficial, but they do not say how it would be beneficial. They make no mention of Research Critique 3 the other variable that they are testing which is the use of music.

The problem is significant and relevant because the
researchers are looking at a time and cost effective way to decrease anxiety and stress in patients undergoing chemotherapy. The critical argument of this study was that having a
personalized message from the physician would benefit the
Review of Literature
The literature review that was done by the authors was
concise and appears to not omit any important works that were done in the time period the article was written in. The authors explain why their research is important and how it can be used to expand the nursing knowledge base. The authors state that their study will give validity to a nursing intervention that is cost effective and requires little training.

The conceptual model for this study was Neuman’s Systems Model, which conceptualizes the individual as a core, which is protected by three circles, which function at various levels to protect the core from stressors. (Sabo & Michael, 1996) In this study the stressor is chemotherapy and the interventions which are used to minimize the stressor is music and a personalized message from the physician.

There were several key concepts that were identified in the literature review, but they were never defined. The concepts included relaxation, guided imagery, music therapy, and side effects of chemotherapy. The authors described how previous Research Critique 4 research used these concepts to support their work; however these concepts are never fully explained.

The authors critically reviewed the literature and point out the limitations of the previous studies. There were several gaps that were identified that were used to justify the current
research. Most of the literature dealt with using relaxation techniques and guided imagery and not specifically with the use of a personalized message from the physician with music. Most of the previous research also dealt with small sample sizes, or case studies. Previous research was also unable to determine how effective each...
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