Music Industry Analysis

Topics: Record label, File sharing, Music industry Pages: 2 (494 words) Published: February 11, 2013
Music Industry Analysis

For most, it seems like a pretty bad time to be part of the music industry. Something that the music industry can do to find a way to increase profits would be to find a new way to develop new artists. Everyone is scared that when everyone is getting all these songs for free, it is the beginning of the end of the music industry and that the sky is falling. People from the music industry say they are losing money, but what really is happening is that when you download songs for free, you don’t take money away from labels and artists, you just don’t give them any. If a major label has invested in an artist/album, it’s generally a whole package including concerts, merchandise, etc. If, in the long run, total revenue doesn’t match projected profit, obviously you need to change your business model. Musicians compete in a monopolistic competition. There are a fairly large number of big artists, but not a whole lot actually make it. Each artist has no feeling of interdependence and some are more successful at different times then others. As more musicians make an economic profit, more musicians are encouraged to enter, eventually eliminated economic profit. As stated in the movie, musicians are forced to create albums at certain to meet quarterly profit deadlines for their music labels. Music labels compete in an oligopoly. Five major labels controlled over 75 percent of the world market for recorded music. Now it's four. These firms are mutually interdependent.  Significant events that influence the markets of both these groups include people illegally downloading music from the internet, new technology being able to sell music in different ways, and more. When music was put on the itunes store, profits started to rise for the music companies, but they were still losing a lot of money to people who share their music illegally. They even started to track down these people and arrested them. They sued and shut down various peer to...
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