Segmentation of Music Industry

Topics: Marketing, Personality psychology, Consumer protection Pages: 2 (684 words) Published: November 14, 2012
Music industry Segmentaion

When attempting to segment a particular consumer base or population by personality or motivation, one must consider what personality traits the consumers posses. Of course there are serveral ways to group together personalities ex (fashionable, innovative, extroverted, etc). I have chosen to use Karen Horney’s theory of three personality groups for segmentation of the music consumer market. Karen Horney states that people can be grouped into three personalities; compliance, aggression and withdrawl. Since music consumers can be an almost entire population, it would be a good idea to segment this population into three broad groups.

The first personality group, compliance, is can be defined as people who move toward others. This group has a need for affection and approval and a need to be liked by others. The complaint personality consumer would tend to veer toward popular current music or popular music within a certain genre. This is the consumer who would be listening to Justin Timberlake and Lady GaGa when they are at their peak. They would be drawn toward the “summer hits”, toward the songs that are played at clubs and they dance to with their friends. In terms of music consumers, they might be seen as between the ages of 10-40, and this is a very big market withing the music consumer industry.

The second personality group, aggression, are considered those who go ahaist toher. This group has a need for power and for control over others. They have the need to be heard by others and fear of seeming stupid. This personality group would be the ones who view themselves as against the popular music, against very popular groups and singers. Maybe they would chose music with a bit more of an edge, harder rock, rap and hip hop music.

Finally, the third personality group is knows as detached, and they move away from others. Consumers in this group have a need for self-sufficiency and independence and do not need to...
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