Music in the Classroom

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Music In The Classroom

This article is stating that even if your high school marching band, music theater program, or after school music clubs are no longer in use, music can still be used in the classroom. Introducing music in the classroom is a way to connect the student to the material and help promote how music is important to learning.

As an example, a teacher taught her math students a song, to help with formulas and skills. She changed the lyrics of the song and this helped her students understand the concept. The teacher gave the students the assignment of creating there own song to help with multiplication tables. This assignment involved the students in both learning and teaching.

Music in the classroom also helps produce higher test scores. “According to a 2001 College Entrance Examination Board study, students with coursework or experience in music performance scored 57 points higher on the verbal section of the SAT and 41 points higher on the math.”

This article points out that music can be used in teaching social studies as well. If it promotes learning and is improves SAT scores why not use music in the classroom? I do believe that music should be used in the classroom and I would be teacher who would. It would be a fun and easy way to get a point across to a student who is having trouble grasping a concept. Using music in teaching history or social studies could and should be done. There are a lot of assignments that you could do that involved music. A teacher does not have to make up song or change the lyrics to a popular theme, but as example a teacher could have the students study the importance of drums and trumpets through out the courses of the different wars. Also, as the decades change so does the music and that is important as well. A teacher could stress the importance of the “flappers” in the roaring twenties, and show how music affected the way they lived and their view on government. A teacher could just simply play a...
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