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Music is a way of life, it is all around us. It can influence who you are and how you go about your daily lives. Music can manipulate the emotions in a powerful way, which can sometimes determine your mood and your conscience. Sometimes different cultures adapt different music into their lifestyle. Example, Reggae is usually listened to by the Black Caribbean Community. Their music is relaxed and optimistic, as is their lifestyle. The style of music quite often reflects the culture. Music in the 21st century can have positive and negative influences. Different types of music give off different impressions on how the youth of today should live their lives.

Music has always been used in society to change social behavior. During the 60’s a lot of the songs contained lyrics against racial injustice and anti-war which tried to change the mood of the violent 60’s. As time progressed and new artist were introduced the message change from fighting a cause to causing harm in our society. Now some music has caused peoples moods to become negative. The music not only changes there mood. It continues to be known that teens who listen to the many different genres such as rap are more likely to become sexually active, use drugs, have problems with alcohol, or get trouble in school. On the other hand rock music and heavy metal are known to target your teens. It has been said that teens are more likely to become suicidal, have aggression, and have negative emotions.

There are different types of music that have positive effects on an individual’s life or lifestyle. An example of music that positively affects a person is gospel. Gospel music contains a very strong and powerful message in its words. This type of music uses personal experiences as a way to give people hope and meaning to their life. Positive music can encourage, strengthen, unite, and educate the world as individuals produce a more nonviolent, and healthy world that works out for everybody. Listening to music...
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