Mushroom Spawn Production Technology

Topics: Agaricus bisporus, Mushroom, Fungus Pages: 7 (849 words) Published: September 28, 2010
Mushroom spawn production technology | | 
|•       Introduction | |•       Methods of spawn preparation | |•       Pure culture preparation | |•       Substrate preparation | |•       Multiplication using mother spawn | |•       Cares to be taken | |•       Economics | |INTRODUCTION | |Mushroom is an interesting modification of fungal form of life. They are non-green fungal plants occurring seasonally in many parts of the world in various habitats| |ranging from sandy plains to tropic forests and green meadows to roadsides. There are more than 2000 edible species of which only a few have been brought under | |cultivation on commercial scale. Of these 80 have been grown experimentally, 20 cultivated commercially and 5 are produced on industrial scale throughout the world.| |The species grown more commonly and having good export potential are, Agaricus bisporus (white button mushroom), Volvariella spp. (paddy straw mushroom), Pleurotus | |spp. (Oyster mushroom). | |            The word spawn in the mushroom industry means the planting material, which consists of the vegetative body (mycelium) and its substrate. In other words | |spawn could be regarded as analogues to the seeds of the higher plants. | |METHODS OF SPAWN PREPARATION | |There are three steps involved in spawn production 1) raising of pure culture, 2) prepatation of master culture / mother spawn and 3) multiplication of spawn. | |PURE CULTURE PREPARATION | |There are two ways of raising pure culture and they are tissue culture and spore culture. In tissue culture a well grown mushroom with membrane covering the gills | |is selected and from which a small bit of mushroom from gill portion is taken using forceps  and inoculated on PDA or MEA media slants under aseptic condition (PDA | |– potato dextrose agar, MEA- Malt extract agar are the culture media readily available in the market). The mycelium covers the entire surface in a weeks time and | |culture becomes ready for further multiplication. | |            In spore culture method, the spores are collected from well developed fruiting body by ‘spore mapping technique’ and then the spores are inoculated to | |the PDA or MEA slants as in tissue culture under aseptic condition....
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