Musci and Teens

Topics: Trousers, Adolescence, Jeans Pages: 2 (751 words) Published: May 26, 2013
For instance these days teenagers not only get fashion influence from shows and such but more from the music industry. Teenagers from the ages of 12-19 start to find themselves in the cliques that they hang out with to what they listen to. Based on their music likes and dislikes is more how they find friends aside from how they dress. Their parents tell the teens to find friends who have the same interests in them and usually that comes to what kind of music they like. Teens develop through high school to find themselves and most turn to music since most musicians lyrics express their feelings then the teens share that same attitude with the music. In this way teens can express their individuality with how they dress as well as who the hang out with. Besides that teens back then were also influenced by what the musicians wore. Whatever they saw a singer wearing on one of their videos that would be the type of clothes that would become popular. When MTV first aired it was the only station on TV that was dedicated to what celebrities were up to as well to what they were wearing. MTV was and still is a very popular TV show; today teens watch the videos and get inspiration on what type of clothing to wear. Anything and everything that a musician wears would become very popular with the teen group and many products and stores had a huge benefit to that. Celebrities would also have their own clothing lines such as "Run DMCs Adidas clothing line" which still is popular. At the same time teens also like to "emulate their idols". This is still true today because whatever a teen’s favorite musician is wearing they like to go out and get something similar to that. Teens like to pick up the fashion trends from whatever is on the music videos from baggy jeans to the type of shoes that they wear. There are more and more styles added as people "diversify in cultures that promote individuality". All these later become popular trends but they quickly change once...
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