Multiple Choice Questions on Business Processes

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MGSC3317 Sample Quiz #2

MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.

1) An organization's process strategy
A) will have long-run impact on efficiency and production. B) is the same as its transformation strategy.
C) must meet various constraints, including cost.
D) is concerned with how resources are transformed into goods and services. E) All of the above are true.

2) Three types of processes are
A) goods, services, and hybrids.
B) manual, automated, and service.
C) process focus, repetitive focus, and product focus.
D) modular, continuous, and technological.
E) input, transformation, and output.

3) Which of the following industries is likely to have low equipment utilization? A) auto manufacturing
B) beer making
C) television manufacturing
D) hospitals
E) chemical processing

4) A product-focused process is commonly used to produce
A) high-volume, high-variety products.
B) low-volume, high-variety products.
C) high-volume, low-variety products.
D) low-variety products at either high- or low-volume.
E) high-volume products of either high- or low-variety.

5) Which one of the following products is most likely made in a job shop environment? A) custom furniture
B) graphite pencils
C) television sets
D) cigarettes
E) McDonald's hamburgers

6) A successful TQM program incorporates all of the following except A) continuous improvement.
B) employment involvement.
C) benchmarking.
D) centralized decision-making authority.
E) none of the above, a successful TQM program incorporates all of the above

7) Costs of dissatisfaction, repair costs, and warranty costs are elements of cost in the A) Taguchi Loss Function.
B) Pareto chart.
C) ISO 9000 Quality Cost Calculator.
D) process chart.
E) none of the above

8) The assumptions necessary for a successful product layout include all of the following except A) adequate volume for high equipment utilization.
B) standardized product.
C) volatile product demand.
D) All of the above are appropriate assumptions.
E) None of the above are appropriate assumptions.

9) The layout strategy that deals with low-volume, high-variety production is A) fixed-position layout.
B) retail layout.
C) warehouse layout.
D) office layout.
E) none of the above.

10) In mass service and service factory quadrants of the service process matrix, the operations manager could focus on all of the following except A) automation.
B) standardization.
C) tight quality control.
D) removing some services.
E) customization.

11) The fixed-position layout would be most appropriate in which of the following cases? A) fast-food restaurant
B) a doctor's office
C) a gourmet restaurant
D) constructing a Boeing 777
E) none of the above

12) Examples of the impact of technology on services include A) debit cards.
B) supermarket scanners.
C) satellite-directed navigation systems.
D) electronic hotel key/lock systems.
E) all of the above

13) Which of the following is true regarding the concept of flexibility? A) It is the ability to change production rates with little penalty in time, cost, or customer value. B) It can be accomplished with sophisticated electronic equipment. C) It may involve modular, movable, even cheap equipment. D) All of the above are true.

E) None of the above are true.

14) Design capacity is the
A) average output that can be achieved under ideal conditions. B) actual production over a specified time period.
C) maximum usable capacity of a particular facility.
D) maximum output of a system in a given period.
E) the capacity a firm expects to achieve given the current operating constraints.

15) Which of the following is false regarding...
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