Topics: Problem solving, Interdisciplinarity Pages: 3 (861 words) Published: November 22, 2010
Effects of Multi-Disciplinary Approaches
There are various ways to approach and solve problems. Such approaches include multi-disciplinary perspectives and strictly disciplinary perspectives. To effectively solve a problem a person should gather an array of information from a series of different sources. When a person takes this approach towards a certain problem or situation, they are taking a multi-disciplinary approach. As defined in the Webster’s American Dictionary: College Edition, multidisciplinary is the “combining of several specialized branches of learning or fields of expertise” (Multidisciplinary 526). However, if one choses to “relate to a specific field of study” versus a variety of fields, they are taking a strictly disciplinary approach when resolving a certain situation or issue (Disciplinary 228). There are advantages and disadvantages to both a multidisciplinary approach and a disciplinary approach however one may find a multidisciplinary approach to be more efficient. Advantages to a multi-disciplinary approach include being able to apply different aspects to a certain situation as well as weighing the pros and cons. When a person has a decision to make, they have a solution that they think is best for that decision. If multiple people add their insights to help make the decision, a better solution is made. By adding different aspects to a certain problem or issue, a better solution is resulted. Also, through a multi-disciplinary approach, a person is able to obtain ideas that have worked for people in the past and ideas that have not been successful to evaluate the best solution to a problem. A disadvantage to multi-disciplinary approaches is that with more aspects presented, it could take more time to reach a conclusion due to some people disagreeing with others. Nonetheless, a solution is usually eventually reached where most parties are satisfied. With certain societal problems, multi-disciplinary approaches often lead...
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