Multi Cultural Paper

Topics: Lecture, Psychology, English-language films Pages: 2 (551 words) Published: February 21, 2013
Gabriel Moussa
Ms. Perkins
Multicultural Literature
January 24 2013
Life Essay
It was a normal day in Georgia, hot weather and humidity that would stick to you like glue. I was driving home from school ready to run to my room and shut the door. Earlier that day I received one of my tests that I thought I had done great on, I hadn’t. I had studied the previous night for about four hours and really thought my test was going to turn out great.

Later that day my father called me down, thinking it was dinner I quickly ran down the stairs. The sight I saw after reaching the bottom of the stairs automatically turned my emotions into a swirling tornado ready to blow everything around it into tiny pieces of debris. My parents were sitting in the living room ready to give me a lecture. I knew immediately by the look on their faces that it was going to be about that test. After living with them so long I could tell when it was going to happen, being lectured had become a part of my life that had changed me. I took a seat and sat quietly allowing my parents to digest my existence in front of them. After five minutes of pure silence my father began talking about his childhood, reminiscing on his straight A’s and how he was the best student in his class, my mother as usual confirming this information being spat at me at 100 mph. Seconds turned into minutes and minutes into hours, after a while the only contemplation running through my mind was which arm to use to lay my head on. Suddenly I could feel my father’s lecture coming to an end and I began to get excited. I had learned over the years that the main points of my father’s lectures where at the beginning and the end so that’s when I would pay attention. After listening to my father ramble on I caught a story he had never used with me before. It was a story about an eagle that was born around lots of chicken and grew up believing he was a chicken although he was clearly an eagle. One early morning that eagle...
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