Mu 2.4 Contribute to Children and Young People's Health and Safety

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House of Happiness
Health and Safety information:

Contributing to the health and safety Of Children and Young people’s work force MU 2.9
Nicole Horrigan.

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3| introduction|
4| 1.1 health and safety laws policy names |
5| 1.2 lines of reporting health and safety problems|
6| Structure and line of reporting of health and safety|
7-8| 1.3 risk assessments information and examples |
9- 10| Non medical incidents and emergencies & OUTLINE THE ACTIONS TO TAKE IN RESPONSE TO THE FOLLOWING| 11-12| 3.1,3.2 Identify non medical incidents & emergencies that may occur in the working settingSecurity incidentsIf a child goes missingFire drill practices to get it perfect | 13-20| 3.1,3.2,4.1,4.2,4.3Medical incidents & emergenciesAllergiesIn case of a break Severe head injury & other emergency incidents Epilepsy & Seizures ChockingProcedures for dealing with any serious medical emergenciesAsthma Signs & symptoms for different types of medical & emergency incidentsMinor medical & emergency incidents |


Children are learning by exploring but what young children are not aware of are the different types of dangers that come along with exploring. Its important children are encouraged to explore and become more independent by playing activities and games ether solo playing or group playing, it’s also very important the career of the children are making sure they are protected at all times from any form of danger, to ensure children do not come across any sort of danger a risk assessment is to be undertaken so children can adapted to the right equipment needed to help them to learn and find new things out.

Learning outcome 1.1
Health and safety laws and policy names
House of Happiness

It’s important you understand and know these laws for the safety and protection of yourself and others, they also tell you the limits to what your allowed and not allowed to do with a child in a given situation e.g. if a child is hurt. It’s also important you know the procedures of what to do in the situation to make it safe for the child and what to do if you do not have a first aid certificate, and when communicating with a parents you have to know what you’re allowed to say and not say about their child this is also where you must know the laws on confidentiality. It’s important you ask your settings about their policy. The Health and social at work act 1974| Health and safety policy | The control of substance at work hazard to health 2002| All substances store away policy | Reporting of injuries and dangerous diseases or occurrences regulations 1995 | Reporting injuries and dangers policy | The manual handling operations regulations 1992| Manual handling policy | Child car seat act 2006| Child/people safety policy |

The safeguarding children and vulnerable people act 2004| CRB policy | The children act 2004,2010Data protection act 1998| Confidentiality and information policy | Fire safety 2002| Fire policy |

Food safety 1990| Food preparation and good hygiene policy | The EYFS 2012| Staff ration policy |

1.2 – identify
Lines of reporting health and safety problems

Learning outcome
Talking to the right person about reporting for health and safety is one of the most important things when working with children and young people, every staff member is should be highly aware of what types of things should be reporting and whom to go to when reporting such an incident in the working place, so the correct procedures can be followed through to ensure all staff and child/young people’s safety. Health and safety concern | Member of staff to inform | What you should do | If a child or adult needs first aid attention| Person in charge of the class to get a first aider | Should always follow he first aid procedures –policy | If a child is feeling...
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