Health and Safety

Topics: Occupational safety and health, Occupational health psychology, Safety Pages: 12 (4301 words) Published: November 27, 2012

Table of Contents
TASK 1:2
Reference Guide for Health and Social Care workplace:2
1.1 Reviews of systems, policies and procedures for communication: Health and Safety2 1.2 Responsibilities in a specific health and social care:4 1.2.1 Organizational Responsibilities:4
1.2.2 Monitoring and evaluating process:5
1.2.3 Inspecting the workplace:5
1.2.4 Management Structure:5
1.2.5 Representation:6
1.3 Analysis of Health and Safety priorities:6
1.3.1 Safety aid:6 Walking aid:6 Wheelchair:6 Security system:6 Door locks:6 Cameras:7 Gates:7 Alarms:7 Patrol:7 Maintenance:7 Ventilation:7 Temperature Control:7 Buildings:8 Consequences of malfunction:8
TASK 2:8
Ways that creates impact on Health and Safety requirements on customers and employees in health and social care workplace:8 2.1 Care planning:8
2.1.1 Meeting needs:8
2.1.2 Ensuring safety:9
2.1.3 Security:9
2.1.4 Maximising well being9
2.1.5 Principles of good practise:9
2.2 Analysis of electricity precaution according to Health and Safety policy:9 2.3 Possible dilemmas while implementing systems and policies: health, safety and security10 2.3.1 Dilemmas relating to implementation of health and safety measures:10 2.3.2 Addressing of dilemmas while implementation of health and safety measures:11 2.4 Effect of non- compliance with health and safety legislation:11 2.4.1 Financial:11

2.4.2 Legal:12
2.4.3 Moral:12
2.4.4 Physical:12
2.4.5 Health:12
TASK 3:13
Understanding of monitoring: Health and Safety policies and practices13 3.1 Monitor and Review:13
3.1.1 Audit of risk:13
3.1.2 Review of practise:14
3.1.3 Learning from experience:14
3.1.4 Updating policies and procedures:14
3.2 Effectiveness of health and safety policies: Positive health and safety culture14 3.3 Own contributions:15
3.3.1 Responsibilities:15
3.3.2 Compliance:15
3.3.4 Interactions with individuals:15

Name of Organization: Care UK
Number of Employees: 37 employees
Care UK is serving and helping people for more than 30 years. List of services included are residential and nursing care homes; community care and support for challenging persons; primary and secondary healthcare; mental health treatment, care and support [Available from:, 21st November 2012]. TASK 1:

Reference Guide for Health and Social Care workplace:
The purpose of this assignment, through the reference guide is to review the systems of health and safety policies adopted in the workplace. These health measures should be generated among staff, clients and visitors. Procedure of communication for promoting health and safety is also reviewed. 1.1 Reviews of systems, policies and procedures for communication: Health and Safety Adoption of health and safety measures is observed in health and social care workplace. Chattopadhyay (2008) mentioned that these adoptions should be communicated in a detailed way so that every individual relating to it can avail these measures. Arguing to it, Burke et al. (2011) noted that the implementation of health and safety measures are often not present adequately due to which lack of proper safety measures occurs. As per OHSAS 18001, occupational health and safety measures are based on identification of hazardous material, risk assessment and determination of applicable controls. Good communication helps an individual in exchanging information, ideas and thoughts. Vogel (2012) noted that besides performing good quality of the job, good communication helps in establishing strong professional relationship. In today’s climate, health and safety legislations are applied at every organization irrespective of their size and product...
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