mtap reviewer grade 2

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mtap reviewer grade 2

By | October 2013
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1. Write 6 ones, 7 thousands and 8 tens in symbols.
2. How many fifths are there in 2 wholes?
3. If N-25 = 15, what is N?
4. How many bundles of 1 hundred can you make from 1850?
5. How much less are ten eights than eight 12s?
6. Give the next two numbers in the pattern 16, 25, 34, 43, ____ , _____. 7. What is 12 more than the product of 8 and 9?
8. One half of 50 is how much more than ¼ of 60?
9. What is the remainder when 100 is divided by 6?
10. The length of one side of a square is 12 dm. What is its perimeter? 11. If 6 divides 36 equally into 6 parts, what number divides 66 equally into 6 parts?

1. Edna earns P225 a day at a food center. How much does she earn in 5 days? 2. Three P100-bills and 4 P50-bills are equal to how much does she earn in 5 days? 3. Two fruit cakes were cut into 16 pieces each. Everyone in a party had a piece. There were 7 pieces left. How many people were in the party? 4. Anna has to put 10 roses into 6 vases. How many dozens of roses does she have to buy? 5. It takes 5 ½ hours to reach Baguio. If you leave Manila at 5:30 A.M., about what time will you reach Baguio? 6. A rectangular garden is 23 m long and 17m wide. Find its perimeter.

1. Four bus loads of Grade 2 pupils went on an Educational Tour. Each bus had 55 pupils. If 130 of the pupils are boys, how many were girls? 2. A vendor bought 5 dozens apples at 85 a dozen. He sold all the apples at P10 each. How much many did he gain? 3. For his P100-bill, Tony got a change of P10.40. He bought 7 chocolate bars. How much did each chocolate bar cost? 4.

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