Math: Probability Theory and Ref

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Study Guide for Probability

Multiple Choice
Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

____1.Which inequality represents the probability, x, of any event happening? a.||c.||

____2.Which event has a probability of zero?
a.|choosing a letter from the alphabet that has line symmetry|c.|choosing a pair of parallel lines that have unequal slopes| b.|choosing a number that is greater than 6 and is even|d.|choosing a triangle that is both isosceles and right|

____3.Max goes through the cafeteria line and counts seven different meals and three different desserts that he can choose. Which expression can be used to determine how many different ways Max can choose a meal and a dessert? a.||c.||


____4.Ms. Bell's mathematics class consists of 4 sophomores, 10 juniors, and 5 seniors. How many different ways can Ms. Bell create a four-member committee of juniors if each junior has an equal chance of being selected? a.|210|c.|5,040|


____5.The bowling team at Lincoln High School must choose a president, vice president, and secretary. If the team has 10 members, which expression could be used to determine the number of ways the officers could be chosen? a.||c.||


____6.The faces of a cube are numbered from 1 to 6. If the cube is tossed once, what is the probability that a prime number or a number divisible by 2 is obtained? a.||c.||

____7.If the Math Olympiad Club consists of eighteen students, how many different teams of four students can be formed for competitions? a.|66|c.|3,060|

____8.A box contains 6 dimes, 8 nickels, 12 pennies, and 3 quarters. What is the probability that a coin drawn at random is not a dime? a.||c.||

____9.If the probability of a spinner landing on red in a game is , what is the probability of it not landing on red? a.|20%|c.|50%|

____10.Cole's Ice Cream Stand serves sixteen different flavors of ice cream, three types of syrup, and seven types of sprinkles. If an ice cream sundae consists of one flavor of ice cream, one type of syrup, and one type of sprinkles, how many different ice cream sundaes can Cole serve? a.|10,836|c.|3|


____11.The faces of a cube are numbered from 1 to 6. If the cube is rolled once, which outcome is least likely to occur? a.|rolling an odd number|c.|rolling a number less than 6|
b.|rolling an even number|d.|rolling a number greater than 4|

____12.John is going to line up his four golf trophies on a shelf in his bedroom. How many different possible arrangements can he make? a.|24|c.|10|

____13.The probability that Jinelle’s bus is on time is , and the probability that Mr. Corney is driving the bus is . What is the probability that on any given day Jinelle’s bus is on time and Mr. Corney is the driver? a.||c.||


____14.Throughout history, many people have contributed to the development of mathematics. These mathematicians include Pythagoras, Euclid, Hypatia, Euler, Einstein, Agnesi, Fibonacci, and Pascal. What is the probability that a mathematician’s name selected at random from those listed will start with either the letter E or the letter A? a.||c.||


____15.A four-digit serial number is to be created from the digits 0 through 9. How many of these serial numbers can be created if 0 can not be the first digit, no digit may be repeated, and the last digit must be 5? a.|448|c.|2,240|


____16.When the Smith family decided to have their new house built, they found that there were 60 different choices involving location, style, and color. If they had their choice of 2 locations and 5 styles, how many choices of color did they have? a.|6|c.|50|


____17.Robin has 8 blouses, 6 skirts, and 5 scarves. Which expression can be used to calculate the number of...
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