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Topics: Buckling, Rail tracks, Distance Pages: 2 (455 words) Published: February 8, 2013
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Gusset Plate Buckling
My question is regarding compression buckling of gusset plate attached to a beam and column. For example, if my brace is in compression, how do I check the KL/r for the effective section of the gusset plate? Question sent to AISC's Steel Solutions Center

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There are guidelines pertaining to gusset plate buckling in the 3rd edition LRFD Manual. For instance, the effective length factor K can be 0.5 if the gusset plate is supported on two edges. If it is supported on one edge, a K of 1.2 would be more appropriate (see page 13-32). With respect to the effective length, it is usually conservative to take the perpendicular distance of the Whitmore section's spread end to the interior corner of the gusset plate. Alternatively, there is a method discussed in the new manual that uses the average of three distances to determine the effective length of the gusset plate. The radius of gyration is determined by...
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