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For decades, the growth and development of the Internet has been remarkable, particularly in interactive marketing and advertising of websites. Millions of people use online Internet services every day from their homes to book their vacations. While resorts have been traditionally seen as elements of the accommodation sector, interest and growth of this specific segment has dramatically increased. But while interest has grown, the depth of understanding of how resort remains profitable has remained peripheral. Understanding of resort practices remains limited, specifically marketing-related practices.

The resort business is competitive, and most resorts must rely on a strong marketing program to attract customers. Determining how to bring in new and returning customers and considering how to find travellers who will be interested in the facilities and types of services the resort has to offer, should be considered.

In present day, it has become very difficult for resort to reach out to consumers without having to use a luring technique. This has been brought about as a result of the financial crisis facing many nations around the world leaving many people with just enough money for their essentials. This is why it has become very important for resorts to come up with a competitive way of reaching out to their market niche especially in Philippine resorts.

The Philippines is known for having the most beautiful and stunning beaches and resorts. Also known as the best places for long time vacations in Batangas which is located at the south western of Luzon in the Philippines with 31 municipalities and three cities in which most of the towns are surrounded with water. Thus it is famous for its beaches, marine life, and flora. One from these is municipality of San Juan.

San Juan is a 1st class municipality in the province of Batangas, Philippines. It occupies the easternmost portion of the province, 43 kilometres east of Batangas City. The town of San Juan, barangay Laiya, Batangas was known for its white beaches, good snorkelling and fishing which has recently reinvented itself into a resort town, making use of the long shorelines with different sand and water characteristics. Many resorts that fit a wide range of budgets have sprouted along the town. With the aggressive competition on the market, accessibility online should be one of the major change that Kabayan Beach Resort must consider. Additionally, online processes in the business functions should also be considered to extend an impressive customer service.

Relative to this, the researchers decided to propose an Online Reservation with Virtual Tour of Kabayan Beach Resort for Kabayan Beach Resort. The system will change the manual processes of Kabayan Beach Resort that will give convenience to customers by providing online booking, online inquiries and billing system.

Statement of the Problem
The project proposal entitled “Online Reservation with Virtual Tour of Kabayan Beach Resort” attempted to solve the following problems:

1. The existing website is static which can be expensive and costly in the long run. With no content management system to support the website, the static website requires a web development expert to make any changes and modifications. 2. The existing website has limited functionalities to support sales, marketing and customer service. 3. The existing website has no cross browser compatibility features and can only be viewed uncluttered using Internet Explorer browser.

Objectives of the study
The main objective of the study is to develop a new website for Kabayan Beach Resort that will showcase the resort facilities and services and support the management in sales, marketing and customer service. Specifically, the study aims: 1. To develop a dynamic website that enables content management. 2. To include interactive multimedia...
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