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The student industrial work experience scheme (SIWES) is a skill training program which forms part of the approved minimum academic standards in the various degree (diploma or NCE program for all Nigeria tertiary institution). It seeks to bridge the gap existing between theory and practice of engineering, technology science and other professional education in the Nigeria tertiary institution. 1.1 PURPOSE OF SIWES

The purpose of SIWES is to expose students to various machines and equipment, professional work methods and ways of safe guarding the work areas and workers in industries and other organizations. The scheme is triparty programs involving the tertiary institution, the industry (employers of labor) and the Industrial Training Fund (ITF). 1.2 OBJECTIVES OF SIWES

The main objectives of the scheme are to:
* Provide an avenue for students to acquire industrial skills and experience in their course of study. * Prepare student for the work situation they are likely to meet after graduation. * Expose student to work methods and technique in handling equipment and machinery that may not be available in the institution. * Provide student on opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge in real work situation 1.3 BRIEF HISTORY OF THE COMPANY

Home fresh is a dairy-processing factory which came into existence in the year 1996 with the aim of getting to the door post of consumers, a dairy product of high nutritional or nutritious quality. The company further introduced other products such as the sale of eggs, frozen fishes, pasteurized milk and honey. 1.4 STRUCTURES OF HOME FRESH

Home fresh is made up of the following sections
-production section
-packaging sections
-marketing, sales and distribution section
-General administration or services, made up of personnel, finance and account section. 1.5 THE EMERGENCE OF HOME FRESH
Home fresh yoghurt as a food industry started as an experiment in the managing director’s kitchen in 1996 hence the name HOME FRESH. The whole idea of processing milk came from the fact that NIYYA farm had already proposed the establishment of a larger factory for the production of dairy product. The factory due to its size would not be economical to run on small amount of milk that is gotten from the young dairy herd on the farm. Consequently upon the fact, it was thought that rather than giving away the small amount of milk being produced by the young herd, it was proposed that a cottage industry be encouraged and supported by NIYYA farms limited to buy off the milk and produce the various product associated with milk to generate revenue for the farm until it’s installed capacity requirement are met by the dairy herd, hence the evolution of home fresh yoghurt. 1.6 GOALS AND OBJECTIVES OF THE COMPANY

The goal of the organization is to produce yoghurt of high quality for the masses. This further extends to creating job opportunity for the teeming population, reducing the level of unemployment in the country.

The basic raw materials used in home fresh yoghurt are:
* Treated water
* powdered milk (skimmed milk)
* starter culture
* sweetener (sugar)
* Preservatives, stabilizer, flavor and pimaricin.
Water is a universal solvent which forms the basic components of most foods. Since water has been accepted universally as a solvent incorporated into food therefore, the water used in the food industry must meet a required standard. Such water must pass through series of treatment before been used. The following are the steps in water treatment at the home fresh. Raw water is sourced from water board and borehole. The water sourced from water board is pumped into a water holding tank (pretreatment tank) while the water sourced from borehole goes through the micro filters before entering into the water...
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