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A news anchor or news presenter is a professional who specializes in presenting news in the broadcast medium. Television, radio, and webcasting news services all use anchors to provide news and commentary. This position is considered extremely high profile, since the person is the face of his or her station. Newscasters often compete for top slots as anchors, and prominent ones may command hefty salaries and other benefits. In the very basic sense, a news anchor simply reads the day's news. Many anchors may also add commentary to their readings, and some act as reporters or journalists, actively seeking out news and writing their own stories. In some cases, this person may conduct interviews or report live from the field for important breaking news. These broadcasts may be recorded or live, depending on the station; if live, an anchor has to be extremely confident and self assured, as there are no re-dos in live broadcasting. Working as a news anchor can be challenging. People in this job have to respond to breaking news rapidly and professionally, offering comment, interpretation, and information for viewers or listeners. Nearly all undergo voice training, in which they learn how to modulate their voices and speak with minimal accents so that they can be understood by most people. In the television medium, this person must also be very aware of his or her personal appearance, and some anchors spend a great deal of energy on personal grooming to ensure that they look their best. It can also be very exciting to be an anchor. High profile presenters often get to interact with famous people, and they may be on the ground for historically important events. If a news anchor is deemed important enough, he or she may get a separate news show, allowing the anchor more reporting leeway so that topics of interest can be pursued. Members of the general public also often look up to people in this profession, since they are considered valuable sources of information. To work as a news anchor, most people study broadcast journalism in college, while also taking a broad spectrum of classes so that they are well educated in science, humanities, and history. If someone knows that he or she wants to specialize in a niche like science reporting, a greater focus on the niche interest might be required. While in college, a prospective anchor typically seeks out work in the medium of the choice, with the goal of working his or her way up the food chain to the anchor position. A person who wants to become a news anchor usually needs to attend journalism school and acquire practical experience in broadcast media. News anchors present the news on television and radio, and they need excellent speaking voices and communications skills. Television stations also tend to prefer attractive news anchors, so it is important to pay attention to personal appearance to have the best chance at a good career. A degree in journalism, mass communications or a related field is strongly recommended for a person who wants to become a news anchor. While in school, it can also help to take advantage of internships at television and radio stations, or in newsrooms at newspapers, if broadcast internships are not available. Graduates who have some experience in the industry can be more appealing to potential employers and might find that more starting positions are available to them. Graduates can apply to a station to get on track to become a news anchor. Broadcast media companies rarely hire people directly out of college to become news presenters. Entry-level positions can place people in positions to do research and support the broadcast. Over time, they might be able to record segments and can start to develop skills in front of the microphone or camera. As they prove themselves, they can take on more complex subjects and might start doing live recordings and breaking news updates. With sufficient experience, an employee can apply to become a news anchor when a...
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