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Topics: Mobile phone, Sociology, Push-button telephone Pages: 3 (955 words) Published: March 13, 2013
“Mobile Phones? They’re everywhere. This so-called social blessing is turning out to be an enormous social nuisance.” How many parents have you heard say that? I sure know a lot. I have several points that I would like to discuss? These include how mobile phones are damaging our society, cyber bullying, children and their reaction, and the elderly. But I will also visit the other side of the argument- how mobile phones are a blessing to have. It is essential for you to believe why mobile phones are taking its toll in society. Firstly, it is imperative for you to realize how mobile phones are damaging our society. As study shows from Roy Morgan Research, up to one in two Australians have a mobile phone. You walk along the street, how many people do you see using their mobile phone? Texting? Talking? You see a mate in the street and you start talking to him, but he is only half listening because he is on his mobile phone. People use mobile phones now to tell things to others that should be said face to face; e.g.: break ups. People have to stand up to reality. The real question is now, has the blessing of a mobile phone turned society upside down? Secondly, if mobile phones were not this much updated with apps, internet and other accessories, cyber bullying to the extent it is today would not be happening. According to Cyber Bullying Australia, the amount of claims of mobile cyber bulling has risen to one fifth of Australian children up to the age of 16 over the last ten years. Cyber bullying is extremely damaging to adolescents, especially on their mobile phones. When the first mobile phones came out, there was almost no cyber bullying with statistics showing that only 9.8% of students getting bullied on their mobile phone. This proves that no matter the age of the user, mobile phones are indeed damaging our society. Corresponding to my previous argument, children my age are called the ‘I generation’ for a reason. Once again, Roy Morgan...
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