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Topics: Short story, English-language films, Love Pages: 2 (405 words) Published: October 9, 2012
Cain Demmitt
Mr. Wahl
Critical Analysis

1.) The short story “She-Wolf” written by Giovanni Verga, depicts the tragic life of a man named Nanni who unfortunately meets a psychotic and possibly possessed girl named Pina. Pina quickly falls in love with Nanni because he is very handsome and big hearted. In an epic twist Nanni states he does not care for her, but would want her daughter for wedlock instead. In a plot to actually be with Nanni anyway Pina said he may have her daughter; even if it’s against her own will, in the condition that they take her house and allow her to stay there with them. Nanni began to hate and dread the she-wolfs evil visage, but mostly her eyes for they revealed the evils of hell itself. He told her if she returned he would slay her and when he went to take her out her evil gaze once again took control of his body and he is unable to kill her and never will be able too. In the end she got what she wanted, she has Nanni forever under her control. The purpose of this text could be to fore-warn men about women and how evil they can be. :) 2.) The main prevalent theme would undoubtedly be love, this was very effective in helping the reader comprehend the mood, purpose, and mainly plot. The she-wolf has fallen deeply in love with Nanni, yet he does not share the same feeling for he wants her daughter. This causes Pina to form a passionate jealousy and even hatred towards them. Thus Pina decided she would take his soul, slowly day by day, and with every look into her hollow eyes he lost a piece of himself. This happened until he was completely taken over by her will. 3.) Utilize context clues to infer the significance of the reiteration of the statement-“her eyes as black as coal” throughout the story. * The author uses this method to signify that she is a supernatural being, perhaps a demon or succubus type of creature. When one looks into the hollow eyes of a demon they will witness evils...
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