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Contemporary Leadership Styles

1. Introduction
Leadership styles can be defined from the traditional theory which simply means how you relate to subordinates. It is a question of whether you emphasize on task structure or relationship, be unilateral or participative, do you show consideration to people or you get the job done through formal structure. According to McCrimmon (2011), the question about the leadership styles assume that the fundamental purpose of leadership is to get people work harder. Is this a stereotype claim or a valid statement? To find out, we are going to be looking at different organizations on leadership styles of today. 2. Journal Articles

2.1 The leadership styles and Its Impact on Organizational Commitment The purpose of this study is to show an attempt to investigate the most preferred leadership behaviors among the transformational and transactional leadership styles and its impact on employees’ organizational commitment performed at Bharat Heavy Electrical Limited(BHEL) one of the largest Electrical companies in India. To complete the study 158 samples have been completed, which included the Senior Engineers and the Trainee Engineers group. On statistics point of view, they were using tools like the One-way ANOVA, correlation analysis, and Regression analysis. This was to ensure that they could find out if there was a significant difference in the leadership styles based on position and pay. This was also to deduce the relationship between preferred leadership styles and organizational commitment. The out of the research indicated that the positional identity of the respondents had a significant impact on leadership style and Organizational Commitment and there was no difference made by salary. 2.2 Primary Principles’ leadership styles, school organizational health and workplace and Bullying The idea in this article is to determine the relationship between the leadership styles of primary school principals and Organizational Health and Bullying. They used a multi-level questionnaire for measure leadership styles an Organizational Health Inventory (OHI-S), and negative acts questionnaire for measuring bullying. Up to 500 school teachers in Turkey administered the questionnaire. They found a positive between a transformational leadership and acts of principles and organizational health and negative relationship between the transformational leadership acts and workplace bullying. In reality the results have proved that the principals are striving to improve the transformational leadership behaviors so that they can develop their schools as health organizations as well as solving the problem of bullying.

2.3 Going Global: The role and effect of leadership styles in PT Bunga Mawar Indonesia. The focus of this study is on how Mr X can lead the medical waste company operate effectively in Indonesia. The method employed to carry out the study was through in-depth interviews and communication was contacted through telephone, fax and email. Sites visits were also contacted. The result of this study concluded that PT Bunga Mawar had a leadership crisis that they were running their Business without any strong individual character to act as a leader. In discussion and recommendation in this article, it is revealed that leadership style plays a pertinent to role to guide the company in the right direction. It is noted that transactional leaders are able to motivate and provide alternative solutions to any problems arises. 2.4 A validation study of the leadership styles of a holistic leadership theoretical framework. The purpose of this funded project was to explore if leadership styles have a direct or indirect effect or impact within the holistic leadership framework to lower levels of secondary education in seven European countries. Researchers and School leaders both sheared collaborative research as a method to their findings. A schoolteacher questionnaire is introduced for some descriptive...
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