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Topics: Management, Employment, Trade union Pages: 2 (734 words) Published: September 13, 2012
Executive summary:
Effective human resources are to benefit and manage the relationship between employer and employee. There are eight strategies that can help the relationship of the employer to employee to increase the chance of a better business. In this report i will be explaining three strategies use,. Job design, Leadership styles and workplace dispute. With Qantas as an example to understand these strategies properly.

Human resources management strategies of Qantas Airlines can involve: Workplace dispute: is a disagreement over an issue or group of issues between an employer and its employees, which result in employees ceasing work. Qantas has had a series of disputes with Transport workers unions since the end of 2010 till the start of 2012. It started off with Unions and Qantas bargaining to start new enterprise agreements, Unions demanding for further improvements in working conditions and better wages. In the year of 2011 over 200 meetings were held. Industrial actions such as a lockout caused by the Qantas caused all employees entrance to the workplace causing major flight delays and flight grounding which cost the airline reaching $70 million in profit loss. All industrial action taken by Qantas and trade unions was terminated immediately by the Fair Work Australia because the grounding of flights was soon to effect the national economy and tourism in Australia. Leadership styles: is the manner and approach of providing direction, implementing and motivating people. The website seek has conducted a survey for many employees around Australia to found out about the average leadership styles of most managers for most jobs. Most Managers are not what most employees want. The survey shows that most managers are “all talk no action” meaning that managers don’t keep their word for example if employees have suggestion on managers may listen but may take a while to actually do something about it. There are many types of leadership styles the most three...
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