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Web Based Blood Bank Management System


1. Project Title : Web Based Blood Bank Management System

2. Project Definition :

To build a solution to the ever growing requirement of blood due to accidents and various health problems the system is developed for accessing the information about various blood banks and hospitals and their blood stock. Providing information of donor.

3. Expected Duration : 3 months

4. Software requirements :
Operatin System: Windows XP
Front End : .NET(Active Server Pages,Visual basic ,Java Script) Back end : Sql Server

5. Hardware requirements : MINIMUM P-IV SYSTEM
512 RAM

6. Objective :
Users can share their experiences through mutual communication mails, This system also takes feedback for future enhancements.

7. Scope :
The solution should give complete information about blood donors, and various activities of hospitals and blood banks regarding the blood donation. Donors are provided with registration process to maintain their information for future donations as well as to make their information available to search. Blood recipients can place order for blood. This system is totally targeted for immediate .

8. Significance of the problem :
Provides the stock of blood for various groups in the various blood banks Provides online registeration to people who are willing to donate blood Gives the details of blood donation camps

9. Advantages of the project :
All the process of submission of registration form is quite simple. Department can collect information regarding various blood groups. People can get registration by sitting at home.
Before any blood donation camp registered citizens gets all the details regarding the camp Citizens

10. Prerequisite :
Groupwise listing of various blood groups Citizens gets the information about the next coming blood donation camp via post or email after registration Online submission...
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