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Facilitate Continuous Improvement
1. Select an area for improvement in your workplace and create a Continuous Improvement Plan for that area. Include in your plan – using the templates provide:

A. A brief outline of the issue you and/or your team have identified that needs improving and explain how it was identified,

B. The that will need to be involved in the improvement process,

C. How communication to the work team will occur,

D. Coaching and Mentoring processes required for implementation the improvements,

E. What are the potential benefits of the improvement, on the team and the organisation,

F. What are the potential barriers that could prevent successful implementation of the proposed improvement,

G. The actions that need to be taken to minimize the effect of the barriers previously identified,

H. An action Plan for implementation.

I. A monitoring and Adjustment

2. Develop a process for identifying and recording Continuous Improvement recommendations and outcomes – this could include a Continuous Improvement Log and flowchart/s

3. Research and write a report on an organisation that is committed to, and has implemented a continuous improvement program OR find out more about your organisation’s continuous improvement efforts. i) Have the plans been a success to date? Why or why not?

ii) Describe the systems, processes and supporting tools that are in place to help the program have a positive impact on the organisation, its people, and customers. 4.
Continuous Improvement Plan
Background Information|
Continuous Improvement Issue| |
Persons involved in decision making process| |
How the issue was identified| |
How will it be communicated to the work team| |
Coaching and/or Mentoring to support the team| |
Benefits of the Improvement|
Potential Barriers|
Potential Barriers| Actions...
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