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Topics: Accept, The Opportunity, Learning Pages: 2 (485 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Peter Ďurina, Štefánika 379/47, 916 01 Stará Turá, Slovakia My name is Peter Ďurina and I am 19 years old. I have been studying at Milan Hodza's Bilingual Grammar-school in Sučany (Slovakia). Since the studying at my school lasts for 5 years, I have already graduated once in May 2012 and I will also graduate in this May 2013. I have never visited Denmark by my own, though I have heard a plenty of suggestions and reffrences from the absolvents of my school that are currenty studying in Denmark. Thus I would also like to be a part of the beautiful atmosphere there. I would like to study at your university because I asume that it is the very best place in the entire world where I can study bussiness administration and international relationships concerning the number of opportunieties and possible partnerships I might enclose there. It would be a masterpiece experience for my studying process as well as for my following career. I would be grateful if I could get an opportunity to study and live in a modern WestEurope society of Denmark. An essential part of my life is reading autobiography books, especially the ones written by famous and contemporary authors, chiefly managers and businessmen. Nevertheless my reliance to the old fashioned reading, I am also pretty skilled at computer techologies, since my school always gave me an option to use computer technologies to enhance my presentations and make the listener's sensen more entertained. Besides those interests of mine, I have also played at many school and charity concerts on my acoustic guitar. In my opinion my life is quite active and fulfilled with many experiences. As I am totally drawn to the sociology and how to convince people that your arguments are valid and truthfull, I would be pleased if I could expand my understanding of this topic at your University. To understand the thinking of the others in order to persuade them to accept my opinion I want and therefore to be sucessful at communication with...
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