Moving Away from Home

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  • Published : September 14, 2012
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Joseph McKelvy
ENG 1123
Essay #2
Ms. Coleman
Moving Away From Home
At the age of eighteen I found myself faced with two choices. I could stay in my hometown try and find a job and go to school, or I could enlist, go see the world, have my education paid for while gaining work experience. I choose to enlist.

The first step was to find a recruiter. After finding the recruiter I enlisted. I was given an itinerary to follow. The itinerary listed times, places and dates.
Before leaving for boot camp I had to tie up all my loose ends. I didn’t have to worry about finding a place to live or utilities. These things are provided by the military. I also did not have to consider medical insurance or provisions. I did have to focus on personal matters.

Step number two, what was I going to do with my vehicle? I discussed in length the matter with my parents. The decision was made to have my mom keep the vehicle and she would use it. It was also decided that she would make the payments.

Step number three, where were my paychecks going to go? I decided to open a checking account with Navy Federal Credit Union. This was the best option. I could have my funds automatically deposited and could withdraw them from anywhere in the world.

Step number four, amassing personal items to last me for thirteen weeks of boot camp. I then made a list of things I would need. For personal hygiene I purchased body wash, toothpaste, deodorant, saline solution (for my contacts), toothbrush, razors, shaving cream, lotion, sunblock, and cologne. I also purchased new underwear, t-shirts, socks, laundry detergent and fabric softener. I did this with money I had saved from my summer job.

Step number five, pack. I packed all my belongings and checked to make sure nothing was left behind. I had my mom check behind me to make doubly sure I had all the things I needed.
Step number six, how was I getting to the airport In Columbus, Ohio? I called my recruiter and arranged for him to...
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