Movie Review- Tangled

Topics: Brothers Grimm, Rapunzel, Byron Howard Pages: 2 (434 words) Published: August 29, 2012
Writers: Dan Fogelman, based on the story by Jacob & Wilhelm Grimm Directors: Nathan Greno & Byron Howard
Release Date: November 24, 2010

For those jonesing for an animated Disney fairytale in the traditional style, or just a fun film that can be shared with the kids, TANGLED fills the bill. Quick, to the point and entirely enjoyable, TANGLED takes the traditional Grimm story, gives it some action and the title princess some gumption and takes off in beautiful style, looking much like the old enchanted films of yore, with 3D that brings up a couple of moving moments and is otherwise unobtrusive. Dan Fogelman’s screenplay posits that the witch Mother Gothel has been keeping herself young for centuries. When Mother Gothel’s means of self-restoration are taken away and transferred to the new baby princess’ hair but only so long as it is intact and uncut. the witch kidnaps the child. Rapunzel grows up in a hidden tower, believing Mother Gothel to be her actual parent and accepting the woman’s stories about the perils of the outside world. However, when Rapunzel is on the eve of her eighteenth birthday, her growing desire to leave the tower coincides with the arrival of young thief Flynn Rider . Rapunzel, using her hair and a frying pan, subdues the intruder, but strikes a deal with him: she’ll return his property if he’ll take her out to see the once-a-year lantern show that occurs on her birthday . The character of Rapunzel is an appealing mixture of optimism and capability, as able to defend herself as Flynn is. Moore does a swell job of giving her warmth and identifiable qualities, making her curious rather than naïve. Levi brings touches of his title character from CHUCK to the personable Flynn and Murphy’s Broadway background is evidenced by her flair in voicing the ever-prevaricating, seductively villainous Mother Gothel. Under the direction of Nathan Greno & Byron Howard, TANGLED is one of the prettiest animated features to come along in a while,...
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