Movie Analysis: Gojira and American Godzilla

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  • Published : October 31, 2012
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The movie “Gojira” always has been one of my favorite movies. When I was little about 8 years old when I first watched “Gojira”, I didn’t understand the movie much. I didn’t know how Gojira was created and where it came from. I thought it was just a movie about a monster destroying the world, but at the end somehow it dies. However, after watching “Gojira” again at my age right now, the figure I have varies from what I had when I was little. Now I believe that “Gojira” movie represents the figure of environmental problems. Although the stage took place in Japan, I believe it represents the whole environmental problem which was created by the humans. The environmental problems are waste, toxin, pollution, global warming and etc. The problems which human beings created and had given to the earth have created “Gojira”, and at last the mass destruction weapon, nuclear bomb, somehow has created Gojira.

Another theory I have on the figure of “Gojira” is that Gojira was created by the God. Since human beings have created such a powerful and dangerous weapon that can destroy the world, I believe that God has sent Gojira to stop the humans from creating such a dangerous weapon, and a sign to the humans to stop doing things that shouldn’t be done. I believe that “Gojira” can be related to Noah’s Ark, how God cleaned out the people who were acting badly by flooding the entire world. In “Gojira”, God has sent Gojira to the world, in this case Japan, and warned the people to stop creating a weapon that would harm other people. Another reason that Gojira was created by the God is that when Gojira is written in English, it is Godzilla. Godzilla includes God in the beginning of the name, so God has created Gojira.

The most important message that Gojira convey to us are those two things I had stated before. The environmental problems and human beings are acting badly. Since these two things are the message that Gojira convey to us, I feel that “Gojira” is a very academic...
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