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“ABAKADA…INA” is written by Shaira Mella Salvador and Ramon Bayron who also wrote the film entitled “Tanging Yaman”. This screenplay was adapted from another work which comes from a novel. Directed by the Award Winning actor Eddie Garcia and was made in the year 2001, Lorna Tolentino as Estela portrays to be an illiterate mother. In spite of her Illiteracy, with dogged determination, she manages to gather her family members as a whole. In this Movie, Estella portraying the role of being an illiterate mother whose facing serious problem regarding with her being mother, wife, and a daughter in law. She had a husband Daniel on influence of his mother Miling an educator. He's been looking for a job in a board ship even though he didn't want that he still trying to look on it. While Estella's job is a market vendor. Miling pursue Daniel to take the exam even if they borrow money. Miling took care of Estella's children complaining that Estella can't handle her children because she is illiterate, dumb and who doesn't know how to take care her children. Due to Estella's poverty she didn't have a chance to have a better education. Her mother Matilda didn't pursue her to take education at that time. The most excited part on the movie is when her youngest daughter got sick. And her mother in law warned her and gave the two medicines which is one is for the two daughters and one medicine for her younger daughter because her daughter has an allergy on taking medicine. And that medicine only will make her okay. She put a mark on it for her to remember. At that time when she needed the medicine for her youngest daughter she can't determine the right medicine for her daughter. Because the mark she put was removed. Because she didn't know how to read, accidentally, she gave the wrong medicine. Due to that Joan’s’ allergy occurs. At the hospital, Daniel yells at her. At that part Estella realizes the value of education at the same time felt sad. With her perseverance she was able...
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