Motorola's Marketing Strategy

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Motorola's marketing strategy

Motorola is one of the most famous mobile phone brand in the world in last years,but now it have some crisis that more and more competitor are going to share Motorola's market share .With the development of technology,mobile phone become a thing which is necessary in our life,and people need more functions with cell phone,in turn with the trend,smartphone was born.As Nokia,Apple,Blackberry and others company bring out their own smart cell phone system.Motorola's market share became more and more less year by year.We can see from market analysis:

Company |2009Sales |2009
Share (%) |2008Sales |2008
Share (%) | |Nokia |440,881.6 |36.4 |472,314.9 |38.6 | |Samsung |235,772.0 |19.5 |199,324.3 |16.3 | |LG |122,055.3 |10.1 |102,789.1 |8.4 | |Motorola |58,475.2 |4.8 |106,522.4 |8.7 | |Sony Ericsson |54,873.4 |4.5 |93,106.1 |7.6 | |Others |299,179.2 |24.7 |248,196.1 |20.3 | |Total |1,211,236.6 |100.0 |1,222,252.9 |100.0 | | We can clearly seen from this form that in 2008 Motorola still have 8.7% market share,but it had dramatic decrease in 2009, it just 4.8%,almost lose half share. In this situation,Motorola analysis why they lost so many market share and rapid formulate a series of solution and policies.

First,keep the same product and bring out smart phone.
Motorola was the sigh of cell phone.In that time,when people talk about cell phone they will think about Motorola,honor to have a Motorola's cell phone.This situation reach to top in 2007,Motorola detrusion RAZR series phones.It is a legend in Motorola with very cool and very thin's outlook,when it was published,it is very popular in the world.But it also is a turning point of Motorola.Because this series are sell well,so Motorola slow down their innovation and research,want run out RAZR's surplus value,they bring out RAZR2 RAZR3,but it can not save Motorola's terrible achievement.But actually RAZR still have market,some people...
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