Motivational Methods Paper

Topics: Motivation, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Human behavior Pages: 4 (1123 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Motivational Methods Paper
HCS 325
January 09, 2012

Motivational Methods Paper
In the workplace motivation is the key element in an organization. Motivation is vital to understand the basic application and theories methods because morale is unavoidable within an organization working environment. A manager or leader must have the skills to motivate employees to work in more efficient manner. To be able to achieve good productivity and job performance, managers are inclined to pay attention to these issues. Within this paper, a discussion will be set forth regarding motivational methods that can be applied as a manager and how these changes can affect an organization. When to apply, whom they should apply on, and how does it work. Motivation can demonstrate how productive work can be done within an organization. Therefore, motivation can impact the productivity of supervisors and, in turn motivate employee’s performance. A person sets values and attitudes that act in a particular goal. This can affect a manager’s intensity behavior. Motivated behavior is a conscious decision controlled by employees. Every manager needs to understand his or her employees to be able to motivate them so that the organization can receive the most possible productivity from every employee. When managers motivate their employees they attend to pay more attention and put effort on his or her job duties in order to succeed the organization goals. Therefore, organization plays an important role. The motivational techniques assist the company’s workers to increase productivity. In today’s organizations specific goals are generally accurate allowing varied levels within a company. The main goal is to decide what motivational techniques to utilize on employees. Maslow’s hierarchy theories of motivation explain energies of certain behavior. Maslow identified five different needs such as self actualization, self esteem, social, and...
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