Motivational Issues in the Workplace

Topics: Motivation, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Regulatory Focus Theory Pages: 3 (1033 words) Published: March 6, 2011
Motivational Issues in the Workplace

Motivational Issues in the Workplace
Motivating employees has been one of management’s most important and most difficult duties. Successfully motivating employees is becoming very more difficult as organizations continually downsize, reorganize and reengineer themselves. What makes it even more difficult is the increases in workplace diversity. This paper will focus on Chrysler engineering and how fear is currently used to motivate employees, whether it is or is not realized by management. It will describe the issue of employee motivation. It will use a combination of motivational theories to explain the problem. The paper will also use a combination of theories to describe and actions that will be used to change the behavior of Chrysler engineers and increase their motivation. Finally it will provide an insider’s view of how the motivation inside the organization is working. In 2008 the automotive industry collapsed much in part due to the increase in fuel costs and the global financial meltdown, unfortunately, thousands, if not millions, of people lost their secure jobs as autoworkers and engineers. Not only as direct automotive employees, but as indirect employees of business surrounding the automotive sectors in the Detroit area. Since the government approved loans, and the percentage sale to Fiat, Chrysler has been slowly hiring back a number of select staff to help rebuild the company. One of the largest issues the company faces is employee motivation. The once great company has continually been stripped of everything ever since it was sold to Daimler. Employees feel insecure, uneasy, fearful of their jobs, and for lack of a better term, abused. One of the company’s largest issues is how to keep employees motivated, secure, and to remain committed. The climate inside the company is depressing at best. Engineers all feel like they are working with shotguns taped to the back of their heads and waiting...
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