Motivation Letter Long Term and Short Term Goals

Topics: Management, Problem solving, Strategic management Pages: 1 (305 words) Published: September 20, 2012
Motivation letter for Long term and short term career goals

Straight after my MBA I see myself working in a strategy consulting firm. It would provide me a chance to work in and with variety of companies, sectors and clients. I would also like to climb the organizational ladder and gain experience in managing client relationships. To fulfill my dream, I would join my school’s consulting club and actively participate in the events. I would also participate in case competitions; such competitions will give me a clear picture and hands-on experience of solving real life cases.

I would like to join case cracking workshops, in which I expect to learn frameworks, strategies and techniques needed to attack and solve cases. It would eventually help me prepare for consulting firm interviews. I would like to improve basic business concepts (such as revenues and costs, suppliers and customers, market structure and so on), analytical and structured thinking, and communication and presentation skills.

Part of my job in my previous firm required finding solutions to various business problems, an experience that would help me crack cases (in consulting). I would like to contribute to consulting workshops by my active participation and by providing proactive help to my teammates. I can make use of my previous IT, IB, industry and start-up company knowledge to dig deeper in to the cases.

In the long term, I would like to launch my own business and I see myself taking full responsibility of my company, shareholders and partners, employees, products and services, and for the success and failure of my decisions. I think indirect benefits of my hard work, problem solving skills, client management skills and experience of working in variety of industries will help me create a sound business plan and to successfully execute and manage my business.
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