Motivation for Innovation in Education

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Motivation for innovation in education
Research paper

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This research paper discusses the different innovations to increase motivation in learning. The use of E-learning and also the use of Consortium are described here. Other types of learning like the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) can be also used to increase motivation. The Baldrige Award also offers learning opportunities for those seeking to develop new curricula and programs. These efforts can be supported by the inclusion of pedagogical reform to address universal accessibility. Extrinsic and intrinsic motivational factors for both teachers and students play vital roles in innovation of the educational scenario all over the world. Other techniques for innovation like Web-LE and co-operative learning and factor of their uses are described in this paper. It also explains experiments to determine why co-operative learning is not a commonplace in educational environments nowadays. Motivation for teachers is also important in the innovation of education and it involves both intrinsic motivations like self-determination, enjoyment and increased individual skills and extrinsic motivations like payments, recognition in the job sector, etc. It also explains the variations and innovations in undergrad education and help needed from Open University material to implement in the other schools and universities because their material is considered to be standard. Introduction

In a world where everything has become so advanced in so many ways, knowledge is the main weapon to remain alive among these advancements and education is thus a primary source to gain knowledge. Education has provided us with almost everything we have learned up to now in our lives. But it has to be kept in mind that no human minds like to work under stress or boredom. So in order to make this learning process more interesting and useful, innovative ways are needed to motivate the students.

In the twenty first century, globalization is playing an important role. Globalization is “the flow of technology, economy, knowledge, people,values and ideas [. . .] across border” (Richard Li Hua, 2011). It is helping all the developed and as well as developing countries to cope up with the increasing innovations in technology, ideas, change in mentalities of people and organizations, etc. “The two main bases of globalization are information and innovation” (Richard Li Hua,2011). Thus the educational institutes all over the world have to undergo changes. Every institution has to be capable to face the ongoing challenges and create such an environment that will help the students to acquire knowledge in a useful, creative and fun manner.

In our country it is often a common scenario that the students are not willing to go to schools or universities or are sometimes afraid to talk to their teachers about educational difficulties that they are facing. But in fact the environment of these institutions should be such that it will attract the students to learn and to present whatever problems or whatever they need. It can be sometimes seen that when a student fails, he/she is penalized for that. But in fact the teachers should encourage that student and bring up the belief that failure is...
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