Motherhood and the Behavioral Patterns

Topics: Pregnancy, Mother, Fornication Pages: 11 (3931 words) Published: April 23, 2010
Our society today is focusing on a very problem regarding early motherhood. The primary cause of early motherhood is premarital sex. Sexual intercourse nowadays is very common and an open topic between lovers, friends, parents and their children especially in the third world countries such as the US and UK, and also in school. Parents are the ones who would advise their children not to engage in premarital sex as much as possible but if ever it’s an open subject to them, they should advise their children not to forget their condoms or even have their Depovella injection. Our country, Philippines, is not considered a first-world country but since we are westernized, this topic has been open to us. Teenagers and young adults who are not married are already engaging in premarital sex thus becoming young mothers. Premarital sex is not just the one involve here but also the different vices that women are engaged in. different vices such as drinking alcohol and taking drugs will also lead to early motherhood. Many factors are involved in becoming young mothers. These factors may push an adolescent or teenagers to engage in premarital sex and become pregnant. Being pregnant at an early age has different risks. It’s not just the mother that is at risk but also the baby inside the womb. And after giving birth, women at early age still do not know the responsibilities of being a mother in order for the baby to live happily and healthy. Background of the Study

Most women today are engaging in pre-marital sex and some of them do not know much on how to protect them from getting pregnant. It’s really sad that when young women are already pregnant, their primary option is to abort the baby inside them. I my opinion, you can’t correct a mistake by committing another mistake. Getting pregnant at an early age is not the baby’s fault; it’s the one making or engaging on pre-marital sex who are to be blamed. Abortion is not just a sin to us humans but most of all to God. Statistics show that a report by Save the Children found that, annually, 13 million children are born to women under age 20 worldwide. Worldwide, rates of teenage pregnancy range from 143 per 1000 in some sub-Saharan African countries to 2.9 per 1000 in South Korea. Fertility rates in South Asia range from 71 to 119 births per 1000 women aged 15–19. 30% of all Indian induced abortions are performed on women who are under 20. In the Philippines, according to the 2002 Young Adult Fertility and Sexuality Study by the University of the Philippines Population Institute (UPPI) and the Demographic Research and Development Foundation, 26 percent of our Filipino youth nationwide from ages 15 to 25 admitted to having a premarital sex experience. What’s worse is that 38 percent of our youth are already in a live-in arrangement. The 1998 National Demographic and Health Survey (NDHS) reveal that 3.6 million of our teenagers got pregnant. In 92 percent of these teens, the pregnancy was unplanned, and the majority, 78 percent, did not even use contraceptives the first time they had sex. Many of the youth are clueless that even on a single intercourse, they could get pregnant. Being a mother at an early age is a very difficult part to handle because at this point most likely they are not yet finished in their studies and having not graduated from college is very difficult to find noble jobs to sustain a family or the baby’s needs. Even if you have a partner, the father of the child is helping; it still doesn’t change the fact that the nether has the responsibility of taking care of the baby. In this study, we shall discuss the different impacts of being a mother at an early age in relation to their behavioral processes. We shall discuss how early motherhood affects their five (5) aspects: physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and socially. We shall also discuss the factors that pushed teenagers and young...
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