Mother and Parent Family

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Jessica Piazza
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Single Parents vs Both Parents

As a single parent of a teenage daughter with an absent father, I can relate to the many problems facing most single parents today. The bonds my daughter and I have formed are stronger than I could have ever prayed for, however I often ponder the pros and cons of a two parent family. Whether the burdens and joys of parenting lie on a single parent or a two parent family, the bond of parent and child is one of Gods greatest gifts.

The benefits of a two parent family is the assistance between parents. They can back one another up in disciplining, show a more stable environment, and teach children the respect loving couple can have for one another. According to U.S. Census Bureau report November 2009 There are 13.7 million single moms and dads currently raising their children in the u.s. Single parents tend to spend more quality one on one time with their children an develop a more unique bond that may not have been in a two parent home.

As a single mother raising a teenage daughter, I can relate to many of the issue’s facing single parents today. Recently my daughter, Destiny presented me with a letter that she wrote from her heart that made me feel Pride, and Guilt all at the same time. In the letter, Destiny told me how much she loves and respects me and is proud and thankful for me being both mom and dad on a daily basis. She elaborated on her respect6 for me working, being a student, maintaining our household, assisting her with her studies and finding personal time with her. She also expressed her anger directed toward the absence of her father because all the burdens fall on me. As a single mother I fear not having a father figure around to show my daughter how a man should respect a woman. I fear her never having to struggle a good dating and life partner relationship, because she does not have an example...
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