Mother and High School Student

Topics: Mother, Sexual intercourse, Time Pages: 1 (400 words) Published: September 6, 2011
In the story Drown, the narrator is the main character. He is a senior in high school student and still lives at his parents’ house. His mother, a very mellow lady, who has a cleaning job, which pays for the rent and food. His father used to be around and he was definitely a cabron, now he is gone, apparently he is in Florida with another women and in some occasions he calls and begs his mom for another chance. The boy’s name is unknown, but throughout the story the name Beto is highly repeated, he is the narrator’s partner in crime, the person who really understood the art of shoplifting, and who also has a different feeling towards men. “Twice, that’s it”, as the narrator describes that they have experienced two sexual encounters, where Beto has the initiative. Moreover, the narrator is worried to become a “pato” or “abnormal”, so he hangs out with Alex and Danny, which together dedicated their free time to chase women in surrounding towns.

Do you think that the mother could not move on from his relationship with his father? Why do you think she still calls him? Descrive the activities in which Beto and the main character got into trouble.

In this short story Junot Diaz brings the element of homosexuality, where two young adults have in two opportunities a short sexual encounter. However, he also brings into the story a submissive Latino mother and a regretted sad father. I thought to myself, once again that same character, but I have to accept that I enjoy them. In a very twisted way, but I guess that some people are meant for this kind of relationship. I really enjoyed the story, for instance, the author use his ingenuity to develop a story that in a short period of time flips from the present to the past and vice versa. Also, he does not mention the characters names, I really do not know if there is a reason for this, but for me it is quite strange. I was trying to imagine what happened at the end, did the main character applied to a university? Or he...
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