Mortar Adhesive from Mollusk Shell: Mussel Shell and Oyster Shell

Topics: Mollusc shell, Oyster, Mussel Pages: 10 (3619 words) Published: February 25, 2013

Mortar Adhesive is a very expensive construction material commonly used in building houses, parts of the house and other infrastructures like buildings, etc. Mortar is a very expensive ingredient that bonds bricks, stones, tiles, and concrete blocks into a structure. On the other hand Mollusk Shells specifically Mussel Shells and Oyster Shells are commonly consumed as food or used in pearl production. But once the meat of the shell is eaten or the pearl is removed, these shells become a non-usable waste products that adds up to our rapidly increasing pile of garbage, that is becoming a very huge problem for us. Nowadays, even landfills where we throw our garbage is becoming very crowded and too occupied with all of our garbage. These shells serves no useful purpose once their meat is eaten, and yet they require so much effort on removal as garbage. ( 6/28/12)

Adhesive is essential in joining two different materials together. It is important in industrial and housing construction. It bonds two materials together by initiating a chemical reaction that causes the two materials to connect such as a tile and the concrete of the structure. There are several types of Adhesive Mortar used in bonding which also depends on the location of the materials as well as the situation. The level of the substrate will determine what type of mortar should be applied. Either it will be thin layered or medium layered. Universal mortar is the most common adhesive mortar used by contractors since it is mixed with water to bond to any surface. The mortar usually sets in 6 hours. It has the capacity to retain water and it allows adhesives to hydrate. The setting of the adhesive mortar depends on its thickness. There are mortars that need a setting for 24 hours especially for the sloping substrate. Mortar is the most common used adhesive due to its flexibility and capacity to hold a material in place. However, polymers are applied to improve the adhesion of the mortar. It serves to protect mortars and tiles from loosening due to freezing temperatures and seeping water. ( 6/12/12)

Mollusk also known as Sea Shells is the common name for members of a phylum of soft-bodied animals that are usually protected by a hard external shell. Familiar of mollusks includes clam, oyster, snail, slug, octopus, and squid. The mollusk phylum is the second largest in the animal kingdom, after the arthropods. ( 6/28/12)

Mussel Shell, commonly known as "Tahong", is a familiar of mollusk. It is commonly consumed as food, same as Oyster Shell commonly known as "Talaba", which is also a familiar of mollusks.
We consume this shells as food, as we eat the meat inside them. But not only the meat is the usable part of these shells, in fact the shells itself is very useful. These Mollusk Shells (Mussel and Oyster) may look non-usable once the meat inside is eaten, but these shells actually has a potential to be used as a base of an expensive construction material.

Many Environmentalists, Non-Government Organizations, and other concerned groups and people promotes the Three R's Campaign (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) to help reducing the waste and garbages we people throw every day. This research is basically perfect for this campaign. The success of this research will reduce our waste products by reusing the non-usable Mollusk Shells: Mussel Shell and Oyster Shell, to recycle to a more usable product in the form of mortar adhesive.

The researcher decided to pick this study considering the abundance of Mussel Shells and Oyster Shells in the Philippine coastlines. This study aims to discover more uses of these sea shells (Mollusk Shell: Mussel Shell and Oyster Shell). Since one of the biggest problem our country is shouldering right now is the shortage of landfills...
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