Topics: Employment, Minimum wage, Collegiality Pages: 3 (884 words) Published: February 21, 2013
II.Before the store
-Origin of the products (productors and countries)
-Discounts: how do they do ?

III.In the store
-Company culture
Morrisons started out, and remained for many years, a family business. But even if Morrisons employs actually about 120,000 person, this sense of being something more than simply a colleague is still actual. However, it is very difficult to speak about their company culture when you haven’t work in their company yet. In fact, it really depends on who you ask. According to Morrisons, they are very helpful and important for the economy in the UK because as part of its dedication to developing employees, the UK’s fourth largest supermarket has launched its own “Academy” and trained all 40,000 of its 16 to 24 year old employees to achieve a QCF Level 2 Retail Skills Qualification (this is a national certificate as seller). Morrisons is also the largest provider of apprenticeships in the UK, with more than 12,000 apprentices last year. For Morrisons the key values are “approach, great shop keeping, one team, bringing the best out of our people, great selling and service and fresh thinking”. The personnel management is omnipresent in Morissons’ supermarket; every Morissons store has a dedicated Store Personnel Manager who reports directly to the Store General Manager. Furthermore, Morrisons scooped the title of Employer of the Year in 2010 and 2011. The judges said ‘Morrisons ticked all the criteria’ and cited their commitment to ‘offering customers the best possible service by ensuring our colleagues feel rewarded and motivated’. They were also praised for ‘the innovative ways in which Morrisons engages with staff at all stages of their career, such as the Morrisons Plus retirement club’. Their commitment...
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