Morphological Analysis of the Movie "The Promise" Base on Vladimir Propp's Morphology of Folklore

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Niña L. AzumbradoJanuary 29, 2013
Folklore Assignment

Morphological approach of Folklore to the movie “The Promise” The film called The Promise was released in 2007 by GMA Films and Regal Entertainment. The main characters are played by popular actors in Philippines: Richard Gutierrez as Daniel, Angel Locsin as Andrea, Rhian Ramos as Monique, TJ Trinidad as Anton, Ryan Eigenmann as Jason, and many more. The director is Mike Tuviera and the screenwriter is Racquel Villavicencio. Accordingly, this film is more faithful to the original novel than Hihintayin kita sa Langit by Carlos-Siguion-Reyna (another Filipino film loosely based on Wuthering Heights of Emile Bronte).

I have enumerated the 31 morphology of folklore by Vladimir Propp with respect to the analysis of the movie. 1. Absentation
Andrea finds a dirty boy who had lost home hiding out in their truck. Her father pities the boy and takes him in on as his own.

One day, Andrea’s parents have news that they are moving into the hacienda behind the De Vera mansion and Jason, disappointed that he would not actually be living in the big house, runs away swearing that one day he will get rid of Daniel for good.

2. Interdiction
Andrea knows that if Anton would find out that she sneaks out to meet Daniel, she would be punished again by Anton’s temper. But she didn’t hinder herself from doing so, and she still pursues to go out to the lighthouse when Anton had fallen asleep to meet Daniel and makes love with him.

Despite her heart telling the contrary, Andrea looks sadly up at Daniel and says yes to Anton’s marriage proposal.

3. Violation of Interdiction
When Andrea comes home from the lighthouse, she is shocked to see that Anton has awakened and that he learns where she has been and with whom. He’s starting to confront her and beats her up.

Anton asks Andrea to marry him and before she could answer, Daniel had already fled from the party. Andrea searches everywhere but she couldn’t find Daniel anymore.

4. Reconnaissance
Anton shows her the locket (given by Daniel to Andrea three years ago) which she forgot to wear when she went to meet up with Daniel. He then approaches Andrea and pulls her hair asking her questions.

5. Delivery
At this time Monique walks into the scene of the fight and she asks what is going on. Anton says that Andrea is making him a fool out of him, and pretending to love him when she really loves someone else.

6. Trickery
Monique notices Andrea’s locket on the floor, picks it up and looks at the picture, and it now becomes clear to her as to what is it all about. Then she goes to the lighthouse to meet Daniel instead of Andrea and she deceives him, telling him that Andrea sent her to tell him that she doesn’t love him anymore and that she has changed her mind and loves Anton instead.

7. Complicity
Because of that deception, Daniel becomes furious and few days later he returns and proposes to Monique with a necklace. Monique is shocked and surprised but still accepts his proposal.

8. Villainy or Lack
Jason tells her sister Andrea that he has made a business deal with Anton and the deal will only work if Andrea agrees to marry Anton. He threatens to kill her if she doesn’t obey him and starts beating her.

Andrea begs Anton not to let Monique, Anton’s sister, to marry Daniel because it will shatter her heart into a million pieces. Anton gets mad and imprisons her inside their bedroom.

9. Mediation
Monique overhears Anton and Andrea from the outside of the door and when she learns that Daniel got Andrea pregnant, she cries heartbroken and runs to Daniel’s house and tells him what he has just found out.

10. Beginning counter-action
Daniel after hearing the news runs immediately to the mansion to rescue Andrea. He kicks down the door and runs to Andrea who is already bleeding to death.

11. Departure
He carries her out of the house and takes her to...
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