Diagnosis of Fatal Attraction

Topics: Borderline personality disorder, Personality disorder, Histrionic personality disorder Pages: 6 (2186 words) Published: November 20, 2011
1. What is the name of the movie you watched?
For this assignment, I watched “Fatal Attraction.”

2. Describe the demographics of the character of “patient” that you are evaluating. Alex Forrest was the patient in this movie. She is a white female in her 40’s. She is single and works as an editor for a publishing company, however she is not shown working after the beginning of the movie.

3. Summarize the plot of the movie.
As the movie begins, Dan and his wife, Beth, go to a company party when he meets Alex Forrest for the first time. The next morning Beth and daughter, Ellen, leave for the weekend to look at a house they are considering moving into while Dan stays at home for a business meeting. When he arrives at the meeting, Alex is also there. After the meeting is over, Alex and Dan go to have drinks; Alex asks Dan about his family life and begins to make sexually suggestive comments. They go back to Alex’s apartment and have sex together. In the morning, Dan goes home to call Beth. Immediately after Dan hangs up, Alex calls and questions Dan about why he left so early. He ends up taking his family dog to the park with Alex to play, they go back to Alex’s place for dinner and listen to the opera Madame Butterfly. They discuss how much they like the opera and how important it is to Dan. While eating, Alex again asks Dan about his family and he explains how lucky he believes he is and she asks “then what are you doing here?” After eating, they have sex again and Dan tries to leave which upsets Alex. She then comes out and asks him nicely to say goodbye and Dan notices she has cut her wrists. Dan panics and takes care of her and stays the night with Alex again. The next night after work, Dan goes home to see his family and they talk about the house and Ellen tells him about a rabbit she wants. Dan and Beth drive out to see the house the next morning, they like the house and decide to buy it. Later when Dan goes to work, Alex is at the office waiting for him. She tells him she wants to apologize and make a peace offering with two tickets to the Madame Butterfly Opera; however Dan declines the offer and asks her not to contact him anymore. The next day Alex continues to call Dan’s office, Dan tells her to stop calling the office and tells his secretary to not accept her calls. This makes Alex mad and so she calls his house that night, Beth answers it and Alex hangs up, later that night at 2am Alex calls the house again and is furious because Dan won’t take her calls. She tells him to meet her the next day. Dan does and tells her to leave him alone; she tells him that she loves him and then tells him she is pregnant with his child. He wants her to get an abortion but she wants to keep the child and raise it whether or not he is involved. Alex continues to call Dan’s house but he has changed his number prompting Alex to go to their apartment for more information. She meets with Beth and acts as an interested buyer of their apartment and Beth tells her all the information Dan has been trying to hide from her. That night Dan goes to Alex’s apartment and attacks her and she says she won’t leave him alone because she doesn’t want to be ignored. Dan buys Ellen the rabbit she has been asking for, on his way out of the office his secretary hands him a package (a tape from Alex). He then finds his car in the parking garage covered in acid and has to rent a car to drive home. Alex watches Dan in the parking garage and follows him home and finds out where his new house is. She watches through the window as he was happy with his family, seeing this makes Alex sick. One day when the family was gone for a while, they came home to find Ellen’s rabbit boiling on the kitchen stove. This forces Dan to tell Beth everything about the affair. She gets upset and kicks Dan out, but before he leaves he, calls Alex to tell her that he has told Beth everything. Beth talks to Alex and tells her that if she...
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