Moral Value

Topics: Sibling, Morality, Family Pages: 1 (257 words) Published: March 5, 2013
Moral values that I choose in the ‘ Back to The Dreamtime’ is responsible and helpful. I choose the moral values as it is reflected in the story.The first moral value of the story is respectful. Respect in the family is very important that family bond grew closer. Richard has respect or both of his parents even his just adopted child for Mc’ Donald family. For example, when he found trujunga in the attic. Sonia call Richard to attend their meeting family to discuss about trujunga. Sonia think Richard will angry to them, even though Richard hear carefully and not blame them and respect to parents explanation. Besides that, Richard also respect their cultural. For example, Richard wrapped up the tjurunga in a soft cloth and put in a cardboard box when he started to find grave his father’s. He believed in the spirit of aboriginal people.

The second moral value of the story is responsible. The sibling relationship must have a responsible attitude that there is no misunderstanding between brothers and sisters and always together. Tom is a responsible care Richard where it all went. For example, Tom also joined the trip to Alice Springs together to find Richard burial location. Besides that, Tom never give up even Richard give passion for achieving some successful in the mission. Tom is also responsible for giving idea Richard about his career when Richard on dilemma.

Family relationships are very important in family institutions. A family can be happy. As children we must maintain relationships with parents
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