Back to the Dreamtime

Topics: Morality, Value, Value theory Pages: 2 (615 words) Published: May 21, 2013
“Back to the Dreamtime” wrote by H. Q. Mitchell showed that a teenage Aboriginal boy, Richard, who was a boy raised in white Australian society, however he never forget to claim himself as an Aboriginal. Therefore, he never gives up to finds his father’s burial ground. Richard, his brother and his best friend on a journey of self-discovery, mystery and adventure through the Australian outback. In this novel “Back to the Dreamtime”, We can see the are many moral values that we can make it as motivation for our self there are good responds by family, always striving, and responsibility. The first of moral values that contained in this novel is good respond by family. It can we see from there are good responds from Mc Donald family to Richard, though Richard is not they the biological child. McDonald family was very closer each other, no jealousy and bliss. For example, when Sonya (his mother) woke up Richard, Sonya smiled with him and also made him some food. Besides that, Tom and Judy are Richard stepbrother and stepsister, they not jealous each other this we can see this in chapter 1 page 5. The second moral value is always striving to achieve something. Firstly, Richard doesn’t know what program should he takes to study next year at university, so he go to career office to asked and share his problem that could be resolved and he found the answer we can see this in chapter 1 when Richard asked Mrs O’Grady. Beside that, we also can see this moral value when Richard always striving to find his father burial ground and always solve the meaning behind his dreams, he never give up until he know and find the answer despite all this happened. For example, when he found the Tjurunga, he began to busy looking for information about his father grave and always shared about his dream so people can understand the meaning of his dream, we can see this in chapter 9 page 38. The third of moral values that contained in this novel is responsibility. In this novel we can see...
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